Spectacular campus overlooks...

...and views of the city.

Tower Plaza stands alone...

...in the center of Ann Arbor.

Adjacent to central campus.

Convenient shopping...

...and entertainment options abound.

24-hour concierge and security.

Did we mention the view?

It’s pretty nice!

Tower Plaza Condominum photo

Now Available to Buy

16 units available...expand listings

Two Bedroom
None available at this time

Grand One Bedroom:
10th Floor

Large One Bedrooms:
6th Floor, 7th Floor, 12th Floor, 15th Floor, and 19th Floor

One Bedrooms:
2nd Floor, 18th Floor, 19th Floor, and 22nd Floor

Grand Studio:
9th Floor and 21st Floor

Large Studios:
3rd Floor, 10th Floor, and 24th Floor

7th Floor and 22nd Floor

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Now Available for Rent

39 units available...expand listings

Two Bedroom

22nd Floor and 26thFloor

Grand Bedroom

2nd Floor, 9th Floor, and 21st Floor

Large One Bedroom

3rd Floor, 4th Floor, 7th Floor, 9th Floor,11th Floor, 12th Floor, 13th Floor, 15th Floor, 16th Floor, 17th Floor, 19th Floor, 21st Floor, 22nd Floor, and 24 Floor

One Bedroom

3rd Floor, 9th Floor, 13th Floor,16th Floor, 18th Floor,  20th Floor, 23rd Floor, 23rd Floor, 24th Floor, and 26th Floor

Grand Studio

8th Floor and 24th Floor

Large Studio Floor

8th Floor and 20th Floor,  


12th Floor, 19th Floor, 20th Floor, 21st Floor, and 22nd Floor

Full descriptions, price, pictures of available units. See details »

Broker’s Corner

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Students and their investment-minded parents look to Ann Arbor Tower Plaza Condominium for the best student residences near the University of Michigan campus. You can buy or rent your student housing, and the tax advantages and return on investment from buying may be substantial. Not just for students, Tower Plaza is home to academics, professionals, retirees, and second-home owners.

Location, Location, Location

Tower Plaza is a great place to live, ideally located. You’ll be right in the middle of everything. See the map for where we are and what’s nearby.

Residents E-Clubhouse

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